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I got to do something awesome today. I finished my IA a couple days ago and today I finally had a block of time, so I got to start reading this story. I'm not done yet, but I've been taking notes as I go, cause well, it's an incredible story. So here are my reactions so far:
"Did you know T7 kept trying to find you? He stowed away on shuttles so he could go look for you! Jedi = Needs T7 // T7 = Find Jedi."
Completely teared up, couldn't even read for a bit because everything was fuzzy.
“You don’t need to kill a woman just because you don’t want to work with her anymore.” He said as he closed the door. “Try to remember that, Captain.”
If I'm right about these two....oh heck yes I was right. And the negotiating the meeting cost - awesomeness!!!

Really interesting take on Rusk. Really really interesting.
"T7 = Defeat Emperor’s Voice //
Padawan Gilles = Not Defeat Mark III Droid"

"T7 opened a compartment on his chassis; he brought out the lightsaber he found in her room after she left Tython. He kept it safe for her all these years. She took it, her hands trembling a little."
Remi = Jedi Always"
Ahhhh!! T7 needs to stop making me cry!

“Do I look like the Jedi council to you? I had a plan for this.”
I haven't mentioned it before because I've been reading an enjoying, but Remi is a masterpiece. As a character she is flawed perfection. I adore her. And as a compulsive planner, this line...she is magnificent. And the fact that she stole his ship!!! OMG, I laughed till there were tears. His shock - Scourge actually shocked. Just so awesome!

The End.
I am sincerely glad that I got to read this. This is just so good. As someone who has struggled with AU endings to the Emperor, I'm impressed. This plot made sense, it works. Really really good.

Part 2

And thank you for making the horrors that the Emperor had in his head be truly terrible. Of course they would damage her, of course they would.

And then Scourge makes me cry.

I love how you're mixing all the different storylines. It's coming across really well.
I'm up to 2.12 and am completely unthralled. Thank you!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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