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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 46: In which Niselle is really mean, again

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

"I seem to spend most of my time on the holo nowadays," observed Nalenne.

"Except when you're sulking in the pillow fort," said Jaesa.

"I'm really impressed with how much you've built that up," added Vette.

"Thanks," said Nalenne. "With any luck Pierce and Broonmark will be next with the next hauler-droid-load of blankets and pillows." With that, she made the next call.

"Lenny," Niselle said with an languid smile.

"Nis," said Nalenne. "Has Andronikos wandered by lately?"

"No, actually."

"Ah. He left. I thought he might have come home."

"Oh, he isn't back here." Niselle yawned. "He wanders off every few weeks. Really, the only surprise is how long he stuck it out with you." She quirked a hairless brow ridge. "Stuck it in with you. Whatever he was doing."

Nalenne pouted. "But how did…you married him, Nis. How do you stand it?"

Niselle giggled. "By not actually giving a damn about him, dear. How do you think I stand being related to you?"


"True. But things get very easy if you just…oh." Niselle's voice started curling luxuriously around every word. "Oh, dear. You didn't start caring for Nicky, did you?"

"What? No, of course not! He was a pretty good lay, and killer in a fight…inventive, tireless, always up for a toss, and he never once accidentally hit me when he was shooting everybody else…and he was really nice to just kick back and talk with…but no, it was just a fling. Nothing, really."

"You're a bad liar and an idiot on top of it."

"Don't tell me you don't notice this stuff."

"I do, it just doesn't mean I'd ever go out of my way for him. Or that I'd be silly enough to miss him when he disappears." Niselle smiled maliciously. "That's your problem, Lenny. You get attached. You start caring about people. You think they're worth something, you get involved, you waste effort on them. Then your natural selfishness wins through, you wreck it all, and you end up miserable and alone. You've got no one but yourself to blame." Niselle waited for a reaction, but Nalenne was busy sulking. "I'm feeling generous, so tell you what, I'll call if he comes back this way. Let you know he's all right."

"All right. Just don't give any squishy details when he does."

"No guarantees, Lenny. No guarantees." Niselle ended the call.

Nalenne settled on the couch and sulked for a while. Then she sat up. "She's wrong. Obviously. Still, why does she know everything about me?"

Lieutenant Pierce, his arms piled high with construction-grade pillows, stopped on his way across the room. "Because you're completely transparent, milord?"

"She was still way more blunt than necessary," said Vette.

"But she wasn't wrong," said Jaesa. "Still. I'm sure it isn't too late, master."

"You're trying to make me feel better," accused Nalenne.

"Well, yes."

"I'm going back to the pillow fortress."
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