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I find all of this seriously ridiculous.

The Trooper story was written to emulate the ICONIC REPUBLIC TROOPER SF. I do not see how hard this is to understand.

The story, writers, and Lucas Arts as a whole has no intention of copying the military ranks of society, nor do they care. The only goal for this story, remotely, was to tell a Republic Trooper story that fans would recognize from the movies and enjoy. This is a space opera, not a historical-fiction story.

Sith in the Empire have complete and utter superiority over Non-Sith in society and the military. However, the Imperial Guard is completely independent of the Sith and anyone over the rank of Major can easily say 'no' to a Sith. If the Sith would kill that Major for 'defiance', he would be executed. The Imperial Guard operate under law of the Emperor himself, so the Sith have no control over them. (Which is why on many planets, your Sith character will take direct orders from a Imperial Guard Commander.) But you're suppose to be superior to everyone, remember? In a society ruled by Sith, for Sith.

See how nothing makes sense?

It's Star Wars. Get over it.
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