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You can make combustible gas cylinders slow the enemy for as long as it is applied which means mercs get a permaslow essentially not sure how that isn't considered utility. Let alone they do massive AoE dmg in all specs besides healing.
lmao! LMAO! Omg, I've seen posers, but that comment right there takes the cake. AoE aside, because it's only ok compared to smash and madness, PERMASLOW.... lololololololololololol

Go play the class again, and tell me you can permaslow anything. Then explain how useful permaslow is in a leap spam game. Please, christ on a corndog, don't make comments like that.

It ruins your credibility.

And if you have a sentinel sitting on you and your spamming CHANNELS... he's going to hit you with masterstrike and end the fight. I have a hard time believing you do anything with SWTOR period... good lord.