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See, Xethis, now that is exactly the kind of civilized argument post I was looking for, thank you. You brought up a few points that I had not considered , and require more thought from myself, so again, thanks and good work on that.

So again, with the nature of pvp, you still have to take those parses with a grain of salt, but the fact that the numbers are so far in favor of MM even in burst comparisons merit the spec more than I had originally thought. One thing I take an issue with, is your claim that you refresh Crush before it even expires. The Raze tooltip says the effect cannot happen more than once every 7.5 seconds, and Crush is a 6 second DoT, so how exactly are you refreshing it before the previous one expires?

MM will still lose a ton of damage if the DoTs are clipped, enough that I suspect will put it behind WJ. I did not see a response to this in your post, although I may be just missing it. Could you maybe explain that part again?

I think your points about WJ spec are exactly dead on. And that is a big reason why it may be superior, not in terms of straight damage, but because, like you said, it is easier to react and adapt to the battlefield. You yourself said that WJ is cleaner, and makes it easier to pay attention to other things, which is absolutely key in pvp. From the sound of that paragraph, I would say your overall pvp performance was increased in WJ. Also, it being a simpler spec means that the average person will get far more out of it than MM. I know myself, I have a ton of trouble managing all the things that Madness and MM require.

I really appreciate the time you took to write out such a long and thorough post, and I think your communication skills are far better than you give them credit. You also made lots of great arguments in favor of WJ, you did a great job of remaining neutral, which is great, and something I am trying to do as well. I have a lot more to think about and consider. I think that at this point we are fighting over crumbs, I know that both MM and WJ spec are incredibly powerful specs, and that either one is more than viable.