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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 44: In which the Master extends an offer

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

The holo brought up the familiar green-skinned Jedi.

"Lord Nalenne," he said serenely.

Nalenne hung up.

About thirty seconds later the holo chirped again. Vette made a face at Nalenne and answered.

The Jedi Kira Carsen came up. "Hey, Wrath. Uh, I meant to reach Jaesa, actually. I promise not to corrupt her to the ways of the light."

Nalenne hung up.

Pierce looked up from the Czerka-sponsored annual weapons issue of Duranium Man Adventures. "Milord, Insanity Company's been fighting that lot lately. They might have news."

Nalenne scowled, but called the Hero of Tython back.

"Make it good," she said.

"Wrath," said the Mirialan in his velvety voice. "Great matters are afoot. Sooner or later the Emperor will call you to act, and I need you to understand what you're facing."

"I seem to be facing a green Jedi with, if I remember right, terrible taste in comic-book idols."

"Byssin's the best X-folk. That's never changing."

"Forcito could cream ten Byssins at once. And did."

"That was an alternate universe. It doesn't count." Rho coughed and composed himself. "But that isn't what matters right now. We're moving against the Emperor again in self-defense. Because the Emperor plans to consume all life in the galaxy to ascend to godhood."

"Wow," said Nalenne. "That may be the coolest plan I've ever heard. You think he'd let me in on it?"

"No! Listen, he'll call you as his Wrath but he'll just be using you to protect his cultists' preparations. Then he'll kill you with the rest. Please, help us. The Emperor must be stopped."

Kira pushed into the holoframe. "And get your husband to stop calling in air strikes on us. We're just trying to help, you know."

The voice that spoke next was rich and cold and angry. "Rho! I told you not to call her!" The big handsome Sith known as Lord Scourge stormed into view, snarling. "What part of 'worse than useless' did you fail to comprehend?"

Rho gestured anxiously. "Lord Scourge, we should overcome our past differences and work together to "

Scourge turned to look directly at Nalenne. "Wrath. Stay out of this. Drink. Fight. Indulge your legendary appetites. Continue practicing the art of irrelevance that you have raised to such infamous heights. My ally here has nothing else to KIRA STOP POKING ME."

The holo cut out.

The holo room was silent for a few moments.

"Well," said Vette. "That was weird."

"And suspicious," said Jaesa.

"That was weird enough to make Jaesa suspicious," marveled Pierce. "Can't be good."

"Jedi clan layers deceit too thick to punch through. Sith clan should kill them all," clucked Broonmark.

"Killing them all might be smart," said Nalenne. "But I'm not exactly feeling up to anything but self-pity right now."

Vette sighed. "So we could leave the Jedi to their special brand of crazy while we go someplace nice for once?"

Nalenne wavered.

Jaesa wrung her hands. "They're threatening Quinn, master. And their infighting is worthy of investigation."

"Quinn's a big boy," said Vette. "He and his work ethic can take care of himself. Come on, retreat at the Infinite Buffet on that Manaan resort?"

"Infinite Buffet?" said Pierce. "For that I'm willing to suspend combat ops."

"Well," said Nalenne. "I wouldn't want to disregard the wisdom of the previous Wrath."
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