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Yeah i got to level 10 and snooped around Dalborra Imperial Fleet. I learnt a couple of things.

1. Dalborra Ranked PVP is non existent
2. There is only one serious PVP guild left according to the people i asked on fleet.
3. Many of the people there said that the server population has been declining much like ours.
4. While there was 110 people on Imperial Fleet, there was only 1 lvl 50 warzone in progress.

Therefore im assuming Dalborra is in the exact same boat as Master Dar'nala, it's just gonna die a slower death.

Dalborra has the excellent ping, but The Bastion has the competitive pvp community we all really want.
So i'm afraid i have no choice but to continue rerolling on The Bastion.
There are some pug organised rwz in the last few weeks on the republic fleet.

1) Ranked wz has been minimal due to the fact that most people believe they need to be in fully augmented wh gear to be viable (but you gear up slowly if you don't queue.....this is a perception problem that lead to a catch 22). There has also been lack of coordination between some of the larger guilds. Timing and availability also played a part in the past.

2) I believe there are still many active and avid pvpers on the server. There are 4-5 guilds that have the players to field one or more competitive rwz teams. In fact a few of the guilds are now working to arrange a ranked wz night this Friday.

3) No doubt the population has declined since launch. However it has been very steady since 1.4. Actually I noticed some increased traffic just last week (probably due to the absence of the pvp bug). I also noticed chats on the fleet from new players, transferred players, re-rolled players and returning players.

4) That may depend on the hours of the day. I would say there can be up to 4-5 lv50 wzs during peak hours at night. Three concurrent wzs are pretty regular. But you do get 15 minutes wait if your queuing is not aligned with the pop.

In summary I think Dalbarra is just holding up. And there are hopeful signs of improvement. Having said that, another couple of weeks of pvp bugs can kill the pvp population.