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Madness is bad in pvp for the stated reasons. The setup required and the dots being halfway on dead targets really gimps madness for pvp.

I'm more interested in the logic on death field over VS. VS over thrash with crit buff is pretty much even considering full deception goes into thrashing blades and VS has a higher base damage. Did you actually run the numbers on full against your spec? Shock with all the buffs and a double crit hits harder than full buff maul crit. My shocks have done over 7500 and my maul has never reached 6400 (I'm not min maxed).
So having said that, is death field every 8 seconds minus the extra crit talent better than full buff shock every 6? I suppose the reduced shock cost helps make up for some of the damage loss but it does spread your damage around more evenly when you typically want burst.
In any case I can't wait to try this spec later as it looks about even with deception in damage on paper but you get aoe numbers added and some utility in stopping caps and more internals to hit with.
People need to realize that pure damage isn't everything. Your Shock still hits hard, you also have Death Field while full Deception lacks the ability entirely. Even if full Deception was more damaging (when you actually run the spec and play it correctly you'll see that it isn't), 0/27/14 offers more utility with a 30m damaging attack and more versatility against certain classes due to Death Field having a long range and internal damage.
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