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Hi I have recently come back to this game after 7 months and the server Tomb of Freedon nadd where I have one character is basically dead compared to The red ecplipse which are much more active and I want to transfer my char from Freddon to red eclipse. But when I try I only get a message which says the service is unavailable.
And I have read in another thread about a guy with the same problem. And the answer was that there were enough people on his current server so he couldn't change.

My question is then, IF I have that problem: Why can't I decide for myself? Because on Freddon I find it hard to do the multiplayer parts because there are barely no people online.

IF it isn't that problem: Is it a maintenance thing and when will it be ready for use?
are you high?? there is very little difference between them and i have characters on both. There are loads on TOFN The imp has several fleets and the reps are full most times except when it gets late. which is normal as not all players are vampires and have to work the next day......
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