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10.29.2012 , 03:48 PM | #27
The game plays great for me.

Yes, I understand there are some people who still have issues.

Here's the thing - These updates are good in the long run for this game. It will make the world more dynamic, nicer to look at, provide better immersion. There does run a risk of causing more issues, as we found out in 1.4, though it's not that the updates themselves are bad, but that when they push stuff out with not enough testing with all the various video cards out there. So post-release adjusting becomes necessary. Like when WoW put in some stuff like the water effect updates, it initially caused some problems with some people, but now I don't think anyone would want to go back to their crappy old water effect.

Hopefully, they did better testing with this beforehand then they did with the shadows in 1.4. But it is completely possible that the changes made for this really won't effect anyone's systems. Shadows have always been kind of a dodgy, graphics intensive thing.

And yeah, I wish people would understand that SWTOR has multiple teams that world on different aspects of the game independently. Add this features has no impact on class balance changes, quests, warzones, operations, etc...
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