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The level of play on the imp side of the bastion is just terrible. I hear people saying they are going to transfer here for "high level play" and the like and the server (along with pot5) is supposed to be the highest level of play that exists in the game but...the level of play is atrocious. The average player on my original small server would be a top 20 player on the bastion right now. Hey Im MVP is literally the only imp guild that isnt filled with back peddling, keyboard turning, clickers who have no idea how to run objectives, any kind of map awareness, or most of them even how to play their class/spec.

I feel like half the server is dps sorcs who play all day everyday and still manage to put up a whopping 100k dmg in a 15 minute wz...Read a guide, watch a video, grow a brain, learn to play! If youre going to sit here all day losing warzones for your team then put in 10 minutes of your life into learning something about your class.

For the people thinking of transferring to the bastion when server xfers are available and are expecting a high level of play...I ASSURE YOU that you will NOT find it here from about 95% of the active pvpers on the imp side.

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