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10.29.2012 , 08:33 AM | #12
Well, i agree with the post, the Reps win 90% of the games against Imps in normal warzones. Why?

- Reps have always 2 healers or more / Imps rarely have healers in the team;
- Imps rarely have communication over warzone; no call inc's and 80% of the games dont have leadership;
- Many solo players that go only for farm kills;
- Many players think they are Chuck Norris and after ress go alones to 1 base with 3 or more enemies. Dont know play in team.

So, 70-80% of the Imps players are noobs, dont know what to do in warzones and they must leave PVP.
Plz learn how to PVP before.