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Then three imperial players came . This was a completely awesome event and I hope you guys do it again.
Yeah, at first I thought we had you guys under control, so I walked off to rez someone (who BTW I couldn't find, I don't know if it was a bug on the map interface, or what, but I digress). Since I was raid leader I really should have stuck around to keep up coordination. Then People had to leave because it was the end of our scheduled time. I come back and everyone is either dead or logged.

I was trying to keep the location somewhat on the down low because I'm a PVEer and not into PVP and I just wanted to go for the NPCs, but there were so many people in the group who were disappointed that they didn't see more PVPers early on that I think next time I'll just announce to everyone when and where we're going and if there are Imp PVPers there then so be it, it might be fun.

I hope to try a city raid on another location sometime, the level 50 champion bots really aren't that hard if you have a human tank and healer to aggro them, so I think we can handle some PVP resistance.