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As in any bioware game, gear matters. I gear my most used companions as I would myself--orange gear and blue mods at a minimum, purple implants, offhand and ear. They all do great. Scourge almost never dies. If he does, I probably do too. Green gear isn't good, whether it be on you or what's provided to the companions.
You must be a rich player or know the crafters, cause unless you are talking about level 50 with the mods and the orange gear, then the planets don't give no where nearly enough commendations to even keep your own gear updated, let alone your companions.

I am not a crafter, tried it, didn't enjoy it, i lacked the patience for it, all people said, wait until max level, but the point is, is to craft the gear while i level, but to get the good stuff, i need to make 100s of items and by then, they are outdated, it just made it pointless for me to craft.

I can pay a reasonable price for mods to put into my moddable gear, but all crafters care about is profit, nothing more, nothing less, so unless they can make triple or quadtriple the costs of the item, they just don't bother.

That is the experience i have had in this game with general crafters.