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10.29.2012 , 06:09 AM | #101
need barber shop ~ color palette dyes ~ new haircuts.
revan gears
darth sion broken cracked shirtless torso

+1 more animation on Lightsabers (though white lightsaber crystal that cost me 1.5 mil creds NEEDS POLISH)
+1 mask of Nihilus
+1 invisible torso... though hide torso would have been more appreciated (along with color match to any part.)
+1 throne speeder lol though what do repub toons get?
+1 flying lizard ( though where is my veractyl mount?)

-1 Republic toons still have ZERO masks that hoods slide over that aren't a joke...
-1 toggle hood up down

-1 need better looking moddable/ or legacy gears very few classes got good looking gears for example (trooper WH / BH/ Campaign gears were almost perfect aesthetically) while some other classes have just been dumbfounded.

New armor designs should have to be submitted to player approval imo.
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