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I copped a lot of crap for my list from a few people and i tend to agree with them...It has come to my attention that players I previously mentioned may not necessarily be the "best players" they just counter my class the best. Because maras and sins pretty much counter every class in 1 v 1s (i.e., OP for 1 v 1) which has a heavy weighing on this for my opinions i feel good mercs, snipers, sorcs, ops, jugg dps and tanks that i find easier to kill because i play AP may be very good against other classes but i dont get to see it. I still think players mentioned are excellent, just sure to be other less played classes/specs out there that may be equally skilled without being so powerful in 1 v 1 fights. In any case our server is dead so who really cares anymore.
Yeah it says something about a game when the "top" players are all the same few classes. Maybe if a few of the other classes got a look in the population wouldn't be diminishing so bad.

If you built something like this for star wars, any marauder spec would 10 - 0 any DPS Merc or Sorc build.

You can't judge this game based on 1v1 potential though, whats the point of even having pure healer specs and tank specs if you judge the best players on 1v1 Potential? Star Wars != Street Fighter.