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10.29.2012 , 12:33 AM | #160
Um, no.

The game is fine. BioWare isn't over a barrel. F2P is just apt to be that much more profitable that it is worth taking the game that direction. You don't publish a big, fat, full-color, hard-bound 350-page art book for a dying game.

BioWare has already invested development time and resources to same-gender content. We know it's coming. That's not at issue. We want to know when and how this will be implemented, and for which classes, and with which companions.

The original poster was asking for a status update. People don't flame and troll posters who ask for a status update on chat bubbles, hood toggles, pazaak and minigames, character recustomization, paid transfers or a host of other anticipated content. Neither are threads asking about those things closed.

So we're asking for a status update, too. I think that's fair. I don't see any reason anyone should take exception to us asking.

EDIT - sorry, I jumped to conclusions that you were opposed to this. Gabe A. seemed in no doubt that it was very much on the way. He simply was uncertain when, as of last August when he said the thought maybe Makeb. It is on the way.