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10.29.2012 , 12:23 AM | #159
SWTOR had to change it model to F2P for made it more profitable and for allow it to survive a few more years, so being say this, i ask:

Do you honestly think that BW, have at all any way to release this huge new contempt with the same sex relationships, when they can barely pay they current staff, and they develop its literally not existant?

lets remember Maken Was already on the making when ToR was on its good months after release, and all this updates we have had, was already being develop, so with the current state of the game, feel happy TOR is still around and they will try to keep it moving with the FP2 model, but dont spect to see something huge like SSR in the game at all or any time soon next year...
its to bad for me, because i am one of the people that want the feature, obviously just not gonna happen.
just move on and enjoy what the game have to offer, or look for a new game that suits you better.