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The problem with LagunaD's spreadsheet (and others like it) is two fold. First, they fail to take into account multiple mitigation types, so they give you a picture of survivability that is somewhat divorced from the actual content. More importantly, they fail to take into account alternative survivability mechanics such as self-heals. This is particularly onerous in TOR, since it dramatically inflates the apparent survivability of Vanguards/PowerTechs and dramatically deflates apparent survivability of Shadows/Assassins.

If all you want to do is optimize the balance of your defensive stats, then LagunaD's spreadsheet is pretty much the best thing out there. It's good to see it updated. :-) However, if you want to maximize your *survivability*, considering all forms of mitigation and all damage types, then spreadsheets like this can actually result in sub-optimal itemization for certain classes (most notably shadows/assassins).
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