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Indeed a great post.

Speaking to Chieftain the other day about his experiences on The Bastion, he noticed the latency in PVP quite a bit, I have had the same experience.
Perhaps its something you get used to, but for both of us it was severe enough that we both questioned serious competitive pvp with that kind of latency.

My vote would be Dalborra or The Harbinger (pop beats The Bastion easily).

The idea of a mass re-roll to Dalborra is fantastic and I would love it if that happened.
I do ackowledge though the fear that the APAC servers may well die off entirely and to be in the same boat again in 6-12 months would be terrible.

To answer your question for better or worse Ill be going to Dalborra or whatever the single Oceanic server will be called. Unless there is a consensus about a single target server in which case I'll go with the flow.
Yeah i got to level 10 and snooped around Dalborra Imperial Fleet. I learnt a couple of things.

1. Dalborra Ranked PVP is non existent
2. There is only one serious PVP guild left according to the people i asked on fleet.
3. Many of the people there said that the server population has been declining much like ours.
4. While there was 110 people on Imperial Fleet, there was only 1 lvl 50 warzone in progress.

Therefore im assuming Dalborra is in the exact same boat as Master Dar'nala, it's just gonna die a slower death.

Dalborra has the excellent ping, but The Bastion has the competitive pvp community we all really want.
So i'm afraid i have no choice but to continue rerolling on The Bastion.
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