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Your Facts are not Facts. That are your personal observations. The actual facts are that several different classes have put out over a million damage even prior to the 1.4 Rage buff. Mercs are middle of the line in DPS.

The Fact is that our burst could be tweaked without affecting PVE. A buff to HSM wouldn't affect PVE much since that's only 15% of total damage. Yet something like auto-crit and a 10% boost would be awesome in PVP.

You are right though. a buff to unload or tracer would cause PVE imbalance.
the circumstances necessary to achieve 1mil+ damage have nothing to do with the class. you need an opposing team stacked with healers and a full 15m warzone. chances of getting absurdly high damage numbers goes through the roof in those circumstances.

in a competitive bf, you will likely see top players putting up 300-500k total damage. this can be done as a merc, ive done it many times on both winning and losing teams.

for the last time, merc damage does NOT need a buff. we need mobility/utility buffs, because we have laughably little compared to every other class.

you continue to whine that merc doesnt have an AOE that does 7k like smash specd jugs/maras, which is the result of poor developer actions and over-balancing. you continue to whine for your turn on the nerf-go-round that is the number one problem with pvp in this game. just stop, because with our luck the one person the devs decide to listen to will be you, and that is the last thing we need.
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