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Your Facts are not Facts. That are your personal observations. The actual facts are that several different classes have put out over a million damage even prior to the 1.4 Rage buff. Mercs are middle of the line in DPS.

The Fact is that our burst could be tweaked without affecting PVE. A buff to HSM wouldn't affect PVE much since that's only 15% of total damage. Yet something like auto-crit and a 10% boost would be awesome in PVP.

You are right though. a buff to unload or tracer would cause PVE imbalance.

Work with me through the math here. Take an ability that does 15% of your damage. Now buff that ability ??? Now the ability does a higher % of our damage.

Also if you want to get all whiny over the semantics of a figure of speech (which btw it is a FACT that I have never seen someone in any warzone that I was in get within shouting distance of a million damage) doesn't a valid argument make.

Now personally I'd LOVE a 10% boost to DR and have it autocrit, or even have the PVP set bonus give the crit rating increase to both HiB AND DR, but I'm loathe to ask for such a damage boost for two reasons.

1) Without significant changes in our ability to get damage out under fire, the damage boost isn't going to be significant. You'd still have to get 3 Grav Rounds on the target, under fire, to open the way for the burst. That's the problem. The burst (which isn't as bad as you seem to make out sometimes, though not as great as others) is all backloaded, and the setup has to be put on one target and is easily countered by anyone with an interrupt. It's the ease with which that setup is shutdown that makes us such a nonthreat in PVP when someone with an interrupt and a working brain is on us. Making the finisher more potent just gives a larger incentive to keep us locked down.

2) The utility changes are the ones that are really needed. If we get them I think we'll be completely viable in PVP, until we get them I think we'll always be playing second fiddle. Boosting our damage will almost certainly delay us getting the utility buffs we need. Once we have them your opinion might bear out, but we're just not gonna know, and in the meantime I think trying to focus on our damage distracts from the real issue, which is getting the hits out at all.
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