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Lol cute tactic. Ask everyone who doesn't agree with you to stop posting. Let me think about that...


Ever seen a merc do 1 million damage in a regular length WZ? Guss what. They still wouldn't even if they could free-cast the entire time. Merc DPS needs an upgrade ESPECIALLY burst.
I'm sure pretty much everyone would be hard pressed to put up a million damage in even a full length void star. The recent thread where a Rage Mara did it? Even he admitted that it was a mystical aligning of the stars. You basically need an incredibly well geared and well played DPS with a massive spammable AoE that is nevertheless being constantly healed through by the other team, while you yourself have a set of good healers on YOUR team to keep you up.

Fact is I've never seen ANYONE do a million damage in any warzone EVER. Peak I've seen is a around 600k. I did in the high 500s on a full length void star on my commando once, and I saw a mara get close to 600k on a Novarre where south went a long time without being capped.

Fact is that as different as they are any sort of major DPS upgrade in PVP would probably unbalance things on the PVE side without a major rework. At least for gunnery/arsenal. Assault/Pyro might be a different story, if you just upgrade the burst, but I'd much rather see a talent to make Charged Burst proc plasma cell 100% of the time and a talent way up in the tree making it instant. See how those two changes (or just one of them, preferably the second) affect things before they go making big changes.
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