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yeah i rolled on the Harbringer after hitting lvl 12 i decided to try some pvp i know low level isnt really a good way to judge, but i was mainly in there to see how much difference the ms change would effect me as melee. It was enough for my to go back and start over on Dalborra. As a melee dps i found it much harder to play with 300ms, some people say you get use to it but i dont think i could go back to that kind of ms(Latency) after tasting 34ms on our servers! No delay at all in my abilitys when pressed no fps lag either, game just runs smoother for me on our servers

Now im a recent returning player to the game and my mains are on Master D which are full BM and when i did a couple WZs against people who are much much better geared then me it felt like i was in recruit gear lol, So there is really no loss for me in rerolling and putting time/effort into a new main on another server

Just my 2 credits, Cheers
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