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28 pages (and countless more in the other topic) of 'nobody cares'.
While I haven't counted lately, the thread on the Story & Lore forum, where we are expected to keep to ourselves and not bother normal people, has over 7,500 posts over the past 10 months and over 500,000 views. That's adding together the original version and the five subsequent versions CS has created when each gets too full.

So, if that one is going so strong, why post here? Because that thread has never had a reply, other than one "nothing new I can tell you" from Joveth. Not that nothing more is known. I have listed a handful of points they could clarify if they choose to. But they haven't, and if posting there isn't effective, we are more than happy to post here, in a thread created by a player who HAD NO IDEA THE 'OFFICIAL' THREAD EXISTS BECAUSE IT IS HIDDEN AWAY WHERE PEOPLE DON'T FIND IT AND CS FEELS COMFORTABLE IGNORING IT LIKE THEY HAVE FOR 10 MONTHS.

Pardon my vehemence. Deny it all you like, CS. You know why I contacted you last time. I don't see improvement. I know it's the weekend so I'll give you some time to catch up. Then, let's talk.