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Chronicles Present, 37: In which Quinn misses something

Time period: After Quinn leaves

Quinn catalogued the contents of the freezer. He catalogued them again. Then he frowned and turned to the other officers. "We don't have any ice cream, do we."

Ritter and Rutau exchanged looks. "Why would we?" asked Rutau.

"Spend a tour on Hoth and then tell me how much you ever want to see ice cream again," grumbled Ritter.

"My boyfriend used to take me out for ice cream. Before the Hero of Tython KILLED HIM." Hareth stabbed her ration bar with a vibroknife, hard. "To die for the glory of the Emperor with a stomach full of ice cream was truly the greatest fate he could have asked for," she mumbled. "Even if it was probably painful."

"It's just the stuff for mass poisoning civilians," Pandorr said cheerfully. "Nobody can resist ice cream."

"It is often preferable to just eat it," Quinn said. "Without poisoning it first." He shook his head. "I'll have to requisition some. It's just that I haven't had to acquire my own since…well, since before my previous assignment. It seems like it's always just been there." He cleared his throat. "Never mind. We have two more planets to turn Imperial before the week is out. The ice cream can wait."
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