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>_> Kind of a followup to the most recent post.

Name: Blinker
Faction: Empire
Profession: Medic/Engineer (Operative)
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
Reward offered: 75,000
Bonus offered: 25,000
Bonus conditions: Though the ex-Fixer is often in the company of the Sith Lord Sriia, it'd be preferable if she wasn't aware of Blinker 7's capture. Her knowledge on the matter would make things far more complicated than they have to be.
Known Associate: Sriia
Reason for Bounty: The former Fixer 68 worked on experimental modifications for stealth field generators before he defected to the Republic. It would be better if those secrets remained securely within Imperial hands, and as such, it's required that he be captured alive.