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10.28.2012 , 07:35 PM | #7
I am mainly a PVE player so ping is not as criticalfor me, however I will till prefer 30 to 300. I am in no mood for rerolling though, if I wanted to play a game alone I would go and play some excellent games like AC3, FARCRY3, Hitman absolution etc which are, imo much better than the drivel BW makes eg. ME3

I would like a consolidated server as I think we as a community can support 1 server easily(remember people will come back if there were no pop issues) so it should be ok.

As for F2P solving issues, its gonna bring in 12 year olds who dont know what the **** community means and will just spew crap ingame. and the 10% of all the idiots coming in with f2p will ever get to 50 on a single char, and when they do they will be terrible. I can see 2-5% of f2p population making any meaningful contribution to endgame which means there is no point waiting for f2p.

Only if people at BW got this. But then there is a case to be made of hiring people with an actual education rather than just experience as education is what makes you understand why things happen. Hire people with experience only, and they have no idea how to look at the root of issues and just spew ad hoc fixes.