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Mean and Zero walked out of the hotel room they had rented out for the duration of the mission.

“So, how long do you expect me to keep up this stakeout? Someone is going to wonder who the heck the chiss is hanging around eventually.” Mean said

“Yes, I have taken that into account. They can’t arrest you for sitting outside their base.” Zero pointed out

Meanken glared at Zero “You know what I mean.”

Zero waved her hand dismissively “Yes, yes, I know. Today, we are going to have a romantic breakfast outside the base. These is a restaurant within viewing distance of the base, we will eat there.”

“and if no one shows up? How long are we going to wait?”

“As long as it takes. Darth Jadus is not going to take any excuse for failure. Now, get ready, we are at the restaurant.”

The two walked in, Zero putting her arm around Mean “Hi” she said “My husband and I want a table for 2, please.”

“Special occasion?” the waiter asked

“It is our 5 year anniversary” she kissed him on the cheek

“Congratulations. Indoor table or outdoor?”

“Outdoor, please.” The waiter lead the two to the table “Drinks?” he asked

“Water, please” Zero said

“Nothing for me” Meanken said

“Wonderful, it will be here shortly.” He walked away, and the two began looking over at the building.

“Anything different?” Zero asked

“No, nothing at all” Mean replyed

“Your drinks” the waiter came and placed the drink on the table

“Thank you, we need a few minutes to choose an order” the waited nodded and walked away, leaving the two alone
“You know, we kind of stand out just looking at the building.” Zero said

“Well, what are you going to do? We stand out, no helping it”

“Maybe…..but we may stand out less if we look natural and just sitting here doing nothing is not natural. So, play along with me, ok?”

“What are you…” mean was stopped as zero pulled him to her, and started kissing him. Mean was shocked by this, until he figured that this probably meant nothing to her, and was just part of the job. The two continued, keeping an eye on the building, watching and waiting