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10.28.2012 , 05:04 PM | #3
Good post mate!!!

I am going to nominate this for community round up however they will most likely delete my recommendation as BW will not face this problem.

AS per the BOSS forums, I will repost here so the greater community can see.

1. Bon voyage Master D when xfers come in, F2P is not going to save the server.
2. Most likely go to Dalborra with Chippy alone, no doubt BW are going to charge a butt load to xfer. See how it goes there.
3. Continue to level on Harbringer... this server will be the dinosaur server of SWTOR, it will always have population and will only die when the game shutsdown IMO
4. I still want to level lots of chars, i have one of every class on Master D but they are all around lvl 20 so its no loss if i level them on Harbringer, after all why would I want to pay $25 to xfer... no doubt they will charge A LOT OF MONEY to xfer because we have worked out BW are a bunch of *****s when it comes to the APAC community etc etc and will no doubt try and make a quick buck out of our misfortune.

In Summary

I really really really want to stay on the APAC servers however history has shown us BW doesnt give 3/5s of sweet FA about our community. For the longevity of the game, The Harbringer is it!