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Master D is 100% dead's not even on life support...logging in to even get your WZ daily done can take forever.

The obvious options and the most discussed have been Dalbora, Harbinger and The Bastion... they all have pros and cons.

Pros - We keep the excellent latency and if we all moved there as one then the population would swell nicely. Also it's our time zone so the peek times are better.
Cons - With the slow decline of the game itself and the lack of care shown by Bioware will this server share the same fate as Master D somewhere down the line?... also the 50 queue is broken and the level of care they have shown in getting this fixed looks pretty deplorable.

The Harbinger
Pros - The pros are many ..a GTN absolutely flooded with items, pvp pop in seconds in fact a wait more than a minute or two is rare. Multiple opponents in WZs, i've rarely been grouped with the same people. Even during our peek time, which is there dead time, the fleet and planets are overflowing with people. At the end of the day Harbinger has the greatest population out of all servers so if one day there was only one server left...this would most likely be it.
Cons - The latency drop from sub 30ms to 170-270ms can be a game breaker. It's not an APAC community and for some the inane general chat about politics can be a chore. It's not a PvP server...but with world PvP non existent anyway this doesn't really matter. Also the average level of PvP is awful... or maybe Master D was all full of lowbie alts of War Hero plus because the lowbies on Harb have no clue where as the lowbies on Master D were full of good players.I don't know what it's like at 50 yet but i would imagine the same ...rated may be better.

The Bastion
Pros - I've not rolled on the Bastion....but i believe it's similar to The Harbinger with a slightly lower population but not by much.
Cons - Same as Harb I would imagine it being a PvP server that the quality of WZs even at lowbie level would be better but i can't say for sure.

All this being said if we were to all transfer to Dalbora then we, as a server, would stay togethor and i've had alot of good times with alot of you and it would make Dalbora a better server in turn. However if we all split between the servers then Dalbora loses out a bit and we all split to. BOSS as a group are discussing the same on our guild forums but I thought i'd try and get a general concensus as well.

Also thank you to Chippy for his efforts in trying to get Bioware to notice and acknowledge the problem...which they did then promptly ignored it.

TLDR ? : Anyway...where are you going to transfer to and why? Not re-roll...we've all done that already in various places and i can drop my lowbie anytime and not care... but my main has to go somewhere permanent.

Note: I have 4 x 50s and my son has a separate account and his chars will need transefered where i go to so paid transfers are going to hurt ..i, like many of you, only want to do this once. It will be my second round of transfers having originally been on Nadd's Sarcophogus..but that transfer was free.