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Arming the Empire has been upheld as a weekly event since the launch of FTP, but this week we will discontinue the weekly event in preparation for a more expansive monthly event. There will be no more weekly Arming the Empire events. Instead, we wil have one major Arming the Empire event each month:

Future Arming the Empire events will include adaptive gear for higher levels, and culminate in a server-wide event such as mass WZ queuing, World PVP, Introductory Raiding (open to all max level players), flash mobs, and others.

The first monthly event will be scheduled shortly. Thank you for participating in our IC gear distributions in the past!

-Sykes, Esoteric Order

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In an effort to welcome the new Free to Players, encourage the continuation of roleplay on the server, and proudly uphold the excellence and benevolence of Jung Ma's community, Esoteric order will be hosting weekly RP events where we will pass out free high-quality low-level gear on Dromund Kaas in character.

Event: Arming the Empire
When: 8-8:45ish pm Friday Nights, starting November 16th, after the launch of FTP.
Where: Dromund Kaas, Northern Taxi point in Kaas City (the one that connects to the three areas of the citadel).
What: EO will be passing out free gear for all classes, levels 9-20. This will be done in character.

More information:
For the purposes of this event, we will be roleplaying that the Empire is distributing arms in an effort to prepare their citizens for the inevitable war with the Republic.

Many people in Esoteric Order have been furiously reverse engineering and crafting goods for this event for several weeks now. Although this is a guild event, anyone who wants to come is more than welcome to either pass out quality gear they've crafted, or log onto an alt and collect gear from our stockpiles until we run out.

If you do chose to craft materials and want to save inventory space, you may want to send materials to an alt. You can then leave the items in the mailbox until the time of the event. Note that items left in the mail are deleted after 30 days, so be sure to loot them before then.

On behalf of the Order, thank you for making Jung Ma the server we know and love - a place where we can run flashpoints and warzones without hearing someone bash the healer or flame other players in group chat, and where guilds can come together to organize several server-wide events. It's absolutely refreshing. That said, please come out and grab some gear!

-Sykes, Jung Ma. Esoteric Order.