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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 35: In which Nalenne taunts Niselle some more

Time period: After Quinn leaves

"Do you really have to do this?" said Andronikos.

"Yes," said Nalenne.

"Eh, I guess it's only fair after all her turns." He finished dialing Niselle and wandered back around the couch to lean sideways against the back of it. Nalenne sat by his elbow and looked cheerful.

Niselle answered. She was wrapped in a fluffy crimson bathrobe mottled in interesting ways and her face was smeared with the bluish goo mask that she swore helped to smooth and clarify her skin, the better to display her Dark Side corruption. "Lenny," she purred. "Nicky. So good to see you."

"Nis! I've been putting your man through his paces. You've been underselling him all this time, dear."

"I was wondering when you'd finally decide to brag about that. It isn't like you to shut up about anything."

"I can be quiet when I want to. I was just avoiding rubbing it in Quinn's face."

"You kept it quiet for your captain's sake? That's precious." Niselle's slight smile widened. "But then, I heard he's away now, playing the elite soldier again. With no Wrath in sight."

"You heard and you didn't swoop in to take him? Are you feeling well? I think he's the only boyfriend I've ever had that you haven't made a move on yet."

"Ugh. There's a reason for that. In Quinn you have found a man so repulsive I wouldn't take him even to spite you."

"That's stupid even for you. He's brilliant, Nis."

"Not so brilliant you felt the need to keep him."

"Well, he's also really annoying." Nalenne crossed her arms and scowled. "I just expected that with that Togruta you carry around you would be used to 'annoying.' You know, I haven't taken one of yours in years. I thought you would be at least a little upset about it."

"Darling, if you've had Nicky for this long and only just now got around to screwing him, I don't know what to tell you, but 'boo hoo' doesn't enter into it."

"You are no fun."

"But I am," volunteered Andronikos.

Nalenne looked up at him. "Help me out here. I didn't prepare any backup annoying-Nis material."

"I could start comparing bedroom reviews," suggested Andronikos. "As it happens, Nalenne, you turn out very favorably there."

"I don't want to hear," snapped Niselle.

"Ooh, that's perfect, then," said Nalenne. "We can do that!"

Andronikos grinned at the holo. "Somewhere your sister picked up this concept of 'giving' that you never quite managed to "

Just then the holo cut out.

"Ugh," said Nalenne. "I should have a word a very short word with the guy we hired to fix that."

Vette stomped in from the other room. "Gee," she said, "whaddya know, technical difficulties. I can take out the pirate's voicebox, too, if I have to."

"Oh," said Nalenne. "You are no fun."

"But I am," said Andronikos. "Come on, let's go do something even Nis'll get upset about."

Broonmark paused on his way to the mess. "Killing?" he blorped.

"She doesn't get upset about that," Andronikos said dismissively.

"But killing later," said Nalenne as she walked past. "Promise."
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