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Im sure this has been posted before, but I want to bring my own perspective to the subject.

As a primary pub player, who saw Revan in the flashpoints on that side, and reading the Revan novel, I sorta thought it was kind of a boring tie in with swtor and had no idea what happened to him after we release him from his prison. Being that Revan is my favorite video game hero/villian of all time I was very excited before release to see what happened to this mighty character.

Today I finally reached the appropriate level to do the foundry on my imperial character. Having No idea what the foundry was about I was pleasantly surprised to hear Revans initial monologue in the flashpoint.

On repub side I have always felt it was sort of dumb to kill off hk 47 in the way we did during the false emporer. Malgus's death was slightly lackluster for me as well and seemed a bit rushed, but I wasnt as attached to him as I was hk 47.

Now after doing the foundry I am slightly confused as to the canon death of HK 47, was he with Malgus when he died or was he with Revan?

I was also very dissapointed in the super fast loose end tie up feel for the death of the exile and T7.

Now this.

I killed revan in a party of noobs. Lvl 37ish nobodies.

Why did EA/Bioware feel the need to kill off iconic characters in such a boring way?

Revan almost conquers the ENTIRE GALAXY, and then SAVES IT!

What kind of anti climactic storytelling is it that I go in and kill him and his assassin droid with ease during a random mid level flashpoint???

If I could uninstall this game and pretend I never saw this I would.

Thanks for completely crapping on the storyline Bioware.

you don't understand very well, revan has been in the ecstasy for 300 years, there the emperor were taking his power and everything, then the jedi found him and then the best imperial agant, the best sith warrior, the best sith inquisitor, the best bounty hunter, they went to the foundry and they are the best of all of them. and remember in star wars there are no levels, that means they are the best of all the empire, for that he died, (dissapear) they were the best and the emperor were taking his power