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I killed revan in a party of noobs. Lvl 37ish nobodies.
Except you didn't. Canonically, that party consists of some of the most talented in Imperial space. Besides, his "death" is questionable and his mind was reasonable fractured from his imprisonment. Heck, even during his inprisonment, he manages to basically hold off the Emperor's power and even mollify the dude's rage enough that it's implied that Revan himself was one of the causes behind the end of the first war.

This is to say nothing of the fact that Revan, vapid as he was before any real characterization, has always been portrayed as a man of extremes and more importantly, a man of mistakes. Historically, he's left a pretty big wake of destruction behind him. The Republic and Order owe more of their continued existence to the Exile than to Revan. They just don't really know it.
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