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I am basically enjoying PvP as a tank, mostly protecting healers. If you happen to get into a match with a good healer, it will take a lot of effort to take you both down, quite usefull esp if you are on def mode.

Add that feeling you get when you see alot of players trying to take you down.

Oh and Huttball, you gotta love Huttball if your a Vanguard tank.
Yeah i had a johnny on the spot healer once. I could sit there against 4-5 people and just absorb damage while hammering the with my close range attacks. But something i found funny. get as many mods for defense and absorbtion rating as you can, but i went up the assault line and finished it and when i kick on ion cell, i can sit there and tank but i can put out some nice burst damage.

I go Assault plastic, sticky grenade, plasma grenade to get him on fire then HiB shockstrike and if shock resets my HiB i fire that again, by the time i am done, i usually have sticky and AsPlas back up and thats another 2k damage right there.

It's amazing at only lvl 45 how much burst damage i can do, even with Ion Cell on.
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