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Not on the PTS but from what I've seen posted in screenshots and write-ups (thanks to all who took the time to do so) I'm actually quite pleased with what I'm seeing for Free2Play.

They really are holding true to their promise: they are ONLY providing convenience items in the Cartel Market.

Take a good look:
  • No planet mission packs!
    • That means that the GAME is really ALL there for Free: class quests, planet quests, heroics, bonus series, even Flash Points (full rewards only for the 1st 3, but you can keep playing them). Everything is accessible and playable.
  • Everything else is convenience.
    • You want more than 1 quickslot bar? Unlock them or subscribe. (Take a good hard look at your abilities. You only really need one bar for the abilities that you normally use. The other 3 bars are filled with "occassional"/"situational" abilities. Those bars are there for "convenience".)
    • You want to hide your helmet? Unlock the option or subscribe.
    • You want to color match your gear? Unlock the option or subsctribe.
    • Enjoying the PvP and want to play more than just 3 games? Unlock the option or subscribe. (NOTE: LOTRO has been F2P for years and they only recently unlocked PvP for F2P. SWTOR is doing it from day 1.)
    • Etc., etc., etc...

For those who currently subscribe and thought they could unsubscribe and still get everyhting they have now for nothing, think about this: if you unsubscribed and your paid time ran out *today* would you be able to play tomorrow? The answer is "no".

But when F2P goes live you will be able to play. Not only that, but the way this is setup, you will be getting a whole game for nothing. Albeit with restrictions to your "convenience". If those conveniences are important to you either subscribe again or unlock them. Your choice.

I'm really happy with what I've seen so far. They really are delivering on what they promised.
I wouldn't want to subscribe just to get a decent experience in any Star Wars game.