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Greetings all,

I am afraid we have no new information at this time regarding server transfers for customers stuck on possible low population servers.

I understand this is a sore point for quite a few members of the community. For this reason I did not want to ignore your concerns, and instead let you know that we are indeed aware of the issue. As soon as we as we have new information on this subject, I can assure you we will be only too happy to you all know.
Thank you.
Possible low pop server? Possible? What stats are you looking at here? Last night we were in RWZ Queue for 3-4 Hours before we even got a pop. PVP queues were in the 20-30min wait marker. Hell, we even went to Ilum because a couple of Pubs were there trying to get the Valor Buff and we just started the mayhem waiting for pops.

Fleet at peak times has less than 100, and this number has been diminishing every week. Point of the matter is, when these "merges" went live, EAWare SERIOUSLY did not look into how Jung Ma was getting 1 1/2 servers vs the rest who were getting 4+ servers. And I say 1 1/2 because the actives from ZV were offered xfer to The Bastion, leaving us with "what was left" from ZV and the low pop to begin with AP. If we had an increase in fleet of 20 players, that was a lot. Not blaming you for putting them on a West Coast server, I am blaming you for not "filling the gap" this made.

I appreciate you taking the time to address this "sore point", but the fact is, EAWare dropped the ball on Jung Ma and optimism from CSR is of little to no help in resolving this issue.

I am usually not this negative, but lack of REAL response from the heads of SWTOR is what is killing Jung Ma. Sure, if the entire server quits it won't be such a big hit, right? Seeing as there is only 400 active players server wide. And I really think that was an optimistic number.
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