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Depends on the class. Some of them work better than others. My latest character - a Sith inquisitor with a tendancy towards light sided decisions for various reasons - had a decent enough balance for a while, but it didn't last. Ashara joining was a touch strange, as she'd apparently gotten it into her head that my character was trying to forge a peace between Empire and Republic and wanted her help to do that. Ok, fine. I never said anything of the kind, but sure. Whatever makes you happy. By act three, it's as if they just stopped trying to let players choose how their character thinks, and switched to "look, your character is super dark side and anti-traditionalist. Deal with it". I literally can't fathom why I'd have wanted Xalek as an apprentice, but all my dialogue options during his recruitment scene can effectively be summerised as 'you're great, murder is awesome, tradition sucks', or 'I'm too impatient and want this guy because I need an apprentice now for some reason'. Wat.

It's best I not think too much about the apparent necessity of having all my Inquisitor's allies and followers kneeling before her at the end, after she's elevated to the Dark Council for some reason. Perhaps there's just some intricacies of the Sith hierarchy I'm not grasping, but if there was an option to not do that? I'd have taken it. Light siders having the same ending as dark siders with a slight variation on what Darth title you're given (and how does that work, anyway? Do the dark council know that you're light side? Why would they be ok with that?) was pretty damn disappointing, considering the implications.

And now my brain stopped working bleurghtired.