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Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Kalana
Middle Name: Turkesha
Last Name: Binada
Nickname: Kallie, Kal, KK, Kal kal
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Age: Unknown. Very young 18-20ish is the common thought
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair Color/Style: No hair! :O
Facial Appearance: Prominent cheek bones. Thick lips. Tilted slender almond shaped eyes. Small nose
Eye Color: Deep plum
Body Appearance: Curvaceous
Home Planet: Coruscant
Current Residence: Varies
Allegiance: Republic
Profession: Smuggler
Armor/Clothes: White gown. matching heels.
Primary Weapon(s): A blaster
Secondary Weapon(s): A secondary dueled blaster
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Biography: Kalana was born to a wealthy family of Twi'lek entrepreneurs in a metropolis on Coruscant. She witnessed her parents' murder as a child and was then raised by a poor homeless man who looked out for her. When she was 15 he died of a harsh sickness and she was left to fend for herself on the harsh streets of, as she calls it, "Poverty City." At the age of 17 she was approached by an older smuggler who was dying and wanted to train someone before she died. Since then Kalana has been one of the best smugglers around for one who is just starting.