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10.27.2012 , 04:48 PM | #827
This outfit looks crap. There are Sith tattoo-like (no Jedi should wear it!) patterns on the robe and the yellow accents on the armorings are ridiculous. And its level is way too high!

This is not a band-aid. It costs about 10 euro, too... -_- Instead of adding funny recolours they SHOULD put at least one armor set from the character progression video.

Also - the red-robed armor is already available in game. I wonder who's gonna buy it for real cash.

I bet everyone was 100% sure that the first wave of cartel shop armor will be the stuff worn by NPCs, which was requested by players in the thread even Bioware responded to. I feel trolled - not only none of the requested armor is there but the armor on the cash shop are just awfuly bad recolours of already available stuff. Is recolouring less work than putting npc-worn armor into the cash shop? They have all the assets and art already, don' t they? If hood toggle is so hard to work on I bet putting two variants with hood up/hood down for every robed chestpiece would take much less time and leave everyone happy.