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People seem to make this subject way way more complicated than the way i see it, if im wrong one of you engineer types can correct me. but please try to do it with as little quantum physics as possible.

So most of the good research ive read says that def is hard capped at 30%(now im seeing 25%?) and shield/absorb at 50%. which means that if you go past those %'s you get no to very little gain.

This is where people screw up, the numbers on your character sheet are not the same as those hard cap numbers people are talking about.

Say your character sheet says you have 52% shield chance, if you mouse over it youll see it broken down into where you are getting that shield chance from. The line that says "Shield Rating" is the number youre looking for, once that goes over 50% (which is impossible to do right now) you dont want to put anyomore into shields. The shield chance you get from "Kills/Buffs" or "Shield Generator" does not count towards that hard cap.

So yes, if your character sheet says you have 60% shield chance, that is your shield chance, as long as your rating isnt over 50%.