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10.27.2012 , 01:57 PM | #826
I just noticed that the ONE jedi-outfit (more acurately, the Sith Outfit) listed in the cartel store with it's hood down, the Destroyer set, costs 1200 Cartel Points.....

that's almost every coin I'm going to get for being subscribed for the past year.....for an outfit?

I've decided that they're doing this on purpose. They HAVE to be.....there's no way that they're completely unaware of the lack of hood-down for the JK. And instead of giving the players what this 1,000 post, 100,000 view, 12-month old post that's never left the first page of the forums has been asking for, they're going to charge a rediculous amount for the one and only item that does it....

It's a joke to them, it's GOT to be......and if it's not, they have turned into the most greedy and opportunistic game developers.....
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