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10.27.2012 , 12:41 PM | #2660
Said my piece about some of the more.... (I'll be kind) abstract reasoning in that other thread.

"I don't like PvP, therefore nobody does. I demand it be removed, so there's more office space for the Space Game."
If anyone came into a PvP balance thread with that reasoning, they'd be pointed to the thread's imaginary exit sign with good cause. Or any topic about future content... except this.
Got hit up with the ol' 'more people want PvP, I haven't seen the numbers, but they must - because then you wouldnt be a minority' theory..' and they added "(Not saying you dont like PVP or want SGR in...Just saying)"

I guess they were worried about offending me with the suggestion I want SGR in... the sun's not even up (my body's hard-wired to shift hours, even on the weekend), and that's the dumbest thing I'll hear all day. For several reasons.