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10.27.2012 , 12:35 PM | #2659
Well, really, if you are hinging your faith in humanity upon the behavior of adolescents under the influence of internet anonymity, you aren't really giving yourself a lot of scope for optimism.

Personally, I'm not shocked and really not offended because the more unpleasant they are, the less reasonable any of their objections seem. And the reasonable ones are the ones I am willing to address reasonably.

Now, I think we can expect that the thread on General Discussion will be shut down on Monday at the latest. I personally think that is a mistake on their part, and I will tell them as much, but I want to lay out my reasoning here.

First, as we saw from the fellow originating the thread, many who are interested in hearing about this content simply do not know this thread exists. We may be told that any thread locked is conveniently re-directed, but that is inadequate.

Re-directing a thread serves the purpose for as long as that thread remains visible which, on General Discussion, is likely to be fifteen minutes at best. And we know it is not effective long-term because, over the long term, people have continually failed to know this thread was here.

We also have the situation of players who do not know that this is even pending content. Mostly, these are people who are not interested or are opposed to such content, but I do occasionally see new players here, on Facebook and in game asking whether they can romance companions of the same sex.

So the bare fact that SGRs are coming, and will be implemented, is effectively hidden. And with those least in the know being in large part those most strongly opposed, if this is not discussed openly and forthrightly now, when the content is added, these players will feel that it has been snuck in behind their back and make an ugly scene,

This thread is consistently on the top page of Story and Lore. It is not infrequently the top thread and therefore visible from the forum index page. So it is as visible as it can possibly be on Story and Lore. Yet people who want to discuss same-gender romance who don't know it is here aren't finding it.

I maintain then that tucking it away here is hurtful to the discussion, more than it is helpful. And limiting it to a single thread, while understandable from a logistical view as a way of making it easiest to monitor abusive posts, also makes the topic less visible, which hurts the discussion.

We should not be penalized by being restricted to one hard-to-find thread on an obscure side forum because atrocious teenagers can't abide by the rules of conduct. And yet, we are. And I don't think that's right, and I don't see why we should put up with it any more.