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10.27.2012 , 10:30 AM | #2657
Ms. Berryman and Mr. Gonzalez,

In reference to the thread What's The Status of Same-Sex Romances?, I would like to note that there is a vocal minority of posters who firmly believe that same-sex content is inappropriate in Star Wars: The Old Republic (that is, this game), that homosexuality in general is something that is inappropriate and that Bioware supports them in this position. Those of us who want same-sex romances to be introduced - those of us who still believe that Bioware and EA are supportive of the LGBT community, in spite of all the current evidence to the contrary with regards to Star Wars: The Old Republic, this game - cannot adequately defends ourselves and this subject from their constant attacks. I realise that your Community Team does remove the hateful posts, the trolling and the attacks, but I really feel that Bioware has created this situation, though possibly unintentionally.

In short, you could dissuade many of the "this will never come", "it's not important", "Bioware shouldn't be wasting their time on your sexual fantasies" claims by releasing a simple statement saying that same-sex content has been developed and it is on its way.

Otherwise it feels like you are perpetuating a hostile environment through your own unwillingness to attract controversy. The only people being driven away right now are those who support the LGBT community, as you once did.
They won't read it and even if they did, it won't mean anything to them.

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