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10.27.2012 , 10:24 AM | #2656
All I can say is that the SSR thread has blown my mind in the worst way possible.

Maybe I'm going out in a limb here, but a particular post was the one of the most offensive statements I've heard about the LGBT, roleplaying and gaming community as a whole.

I did thank the naysayers and doubters for keeping that thread on the front page. For all of the ugliness, it needs to stay out there. It's time that EA steps up and actually says something. It's gonna get worse once SGRs are announced, but there is a bit of damage they can mitigated if they start addressing this now.

I'm pretty fried, so I was wondering if someone could try to get an email or pm to the devs via the mods about this thought.

Btw, cool dream Tatile.

Also, I do still have faith in humanity. I didn't give up when I was bullied as a kid. I didn't give up when I was outed in high school and called...another name for a natural ditch. I refuse to lose my hope, because frankly it would like let the jerks and bullies win. I take my cynicism, my jaded perspective and use it as armor around the fragile hope in humanity to protect it.

I am in awe of how low some people can trying get. Ugh.

Sorry for rambling. Need to get to bed.