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We are Recruiting to improve our 16 man operation team. If you meet the requirements you will replace current weaker members and will be given an operations spot based on your own performance. If you want to be the best, you can prove it, Youll get what you want here with Saga.

About us
Saga is multinational guild focused on PVE progression.
We are a fun, talkative guild but when it comes down to breaking new content we slap on our gaming heads and focus on the boss encounter at hand. When we are not focused on conquering current challenges we often run flashpoints, PVP, clear old content and complete achievements and in general have a jolly good time and having a daft laugh.

What we are looking for
We are currently recruiting exceptional players to fill current openings in our core operations.
We are currently Seeking additional DPS for main and alt runs. All specs / classes are however welcome.
We are looking for positive team players who are committed, know their roles, strive to push their potential, are self sufficient, and keep up to date on current raiding techniques and fight mechanics.
We provide Tactics and information to help you WIN! Everyone likes winning

We use Mumble as our preferred method of communications during raids and is a requirement during operations
Punctuality and excellent raid attendance is mandatory if you sign up to a raid, a team cannot progress without cohesiveness.

We use a balanced DKP system.
Decisions are based on the following factors: performance, attendance, and rank. We use a DKP system to help make decisions and endeavour to be as fair to everyone as humanly possible. In my opinion, if your there doing your best, you will be rewarded for it.

Raid Times
Our Current rading days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and times are as follows:
GMT: 7pm until 11pm
CET: 8pm until 12am

We do multiple runs in any specific Operation both story and Hard modes with numbers allowing. So If you can't attend one day, your likely able to attend another run that reset.
Raids are posted in an Operations calendar generally with a week's notice. You must sign up to a raid using the calendar.

Current Progress:
Eternity Vault: 5/5 NiM 8/16 man
Karagga's Palace: 5/5 NiM 8/16 man
Explosive Conflict: 4/4 HM 8/16 man
Explosive Conflict: 4/4 NiM 8 man
Terror from Beyond: 5/5 HM 8 man
Terror from Beyond: 4/5 HM 16 man

If your Interested Please submit an application:

We are looking for:

Primarily DPS, Ideally Snipers.
But any skilled player with a consistant DPS for the current end game content would be considered.

Operation invites will be based on your skill and performance. If your the best, you will get a spot.