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10.27.2012 , 06:56 AM | #9
For PVP I usually rock the Chainshock, since the extra shock can usually down someone running away from me after I burst them down to 15 health in 7 seconds - for PVE i usually do the 7/31/3 build. In TFB hardmode, I can usually keep up with our marauders and pt's, within a few percent and sometimes on top - but the damage is so spiky since maul / discharge may not even crit in a rotation or two - and since we have no combo to make something automatically crit (like Carnage's force scream / juggs etc) or no talent to increase willpower, crit chance or acc - its hard to get that crit chance up there while maintaining lots of power.

Very frustrating! Played on my sniper for a bit last night, all three trees in the first talent or 2nd talent area have - Increased accuracy talent, increased Cunning Talent, Increased Critical Chance talent!
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