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The vast amounts of idiocy, immature behaviour and outright ignorance displayed on these forums isn't just shameful, it makes me lose all hope for humanity.

Reminds of the big flame-war over the Star trek DS9 episode where what's-her-name was revealed to be romantically involved with another woman, the trekkies went absolutely ballistic, they instantaneously went from the hope for peace and co-operation to just another group of hate-filled bible spouters, it was that moment when I stopped watching Star trek all together because I knew we'd never get over our differences and our only future will be some form of holocaust because we are a ludicrously childish race and we'll never amount to anything, because no matter how far science comes along we still be filled with discriminatory imbeciles who will end up wrecking all the achievements we make as a race due to idiotic semi-idols in power.
Agreed. Though I lost all faith some time ago, but every now and then something wonderful happens and I get a little bit back, before it vanishes just as quickly as it appeared.

Just because our technology improves over time, doesn't mean society will improve with it.